Buying a house and using it to make income is an excellent idea. However, there are many steps one needs to take in order to rent a house. This article will guide you through the steps in order to get your house rented.

Step 1: Make the House Move-In Condition

The first step you want to take in order to rent a house is to clean it. You need to prepare the house for showing. Adding small touch ups, such as painting the walls, is a great idea. You want to make the house look presentable and have the person imagining themselves living there. You also want to make sure there is not clutter in the house. It is best to show a rental property without completely unfurnished, unless the house comes with the furniture of course. This will help the potential renters think of where they could put their belongings and how they can use each room. You also want to make sure the house has a good smell. This could be as simple as spraying an air freshener or lighting candles. You will be amazed how much the odor can affect a persons decision whether or not they want to live in the home. Finally, do not forget about the outside of the house. Curb appeal is very important. You want to make the home attractive both on the inside and out.

Step 2: Advertise Your Home

Once your house is ready to move into, you can now advertise your home. There are many ways you could put your house up for rent. You could use free websites, such as, to list your rental home. You could also list the rental home in your local newspapers. Finally, you could put a for rent sign outside of the home. No matter which way you choose to advertise your rental home, there are a few things you should include. First, and most importantly, you need to put contact information, such as a phone number. You may also want to include how much the rent will cost, if utilities are included, how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are, and if pets are allowed or not. These are just some of the basic things people ask when renting a home. Having the questions answered before the person even comes to the house is a great way to narrow down your potential renters.

Step 3: Show Your Home

Once you advertise the rental home, you will now start getting people who are interested in it. You will want to take a few days a week to show the home and schedule appointments. Make sure you schedule these appointments at different times so you could give each potential renter the time they need to ask questions and view the home. If this does not fit well with your schedule, you may want to have an open house where people can come and look at the home on their own. Either way, every person that comes and is interested in the home should be given an application to fill out and return to you.

Step 4: Choosing the Right Renter

Now you are ready to choose the right renter for your home. You will want to get a renter that you could trust and rely on. Collecting the applications and seeing which renter is best qualified is the best way to go. You should look at things such as their job status and contact their previous landlords. You can even do a background check to get a little bit more information on each person. The background checks will cost you some money, but knowing who is going to be staying in your home is well worth the money.

Step 5: Signing the Lease

Once you choose the right person to rent your home, you can now have them sign a lease. Make sure you put everything you expect from the renter in the lease. You may want to include things such as if the rent will increase or not, who will take care of the yard work, and how long the lease will last. Having a written agreement with the renter will give both you and him a peace of mind knowing you have an understanding of the terms and conditions that come with renting the home.

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