Most tables have to withstand a lot of wear because of the spills, scratches, and other such problems that may occur on a regular basis. Eventually the table will begin to show the wear, but this problem is not difficult to fix. Refinishing a table is a way to improve its appearance.

Prepare the Area

Refinishing can be messy work, so one should spread out newspaper or a tarp under and around the table. All the items that are on the table or may be in the way should be removed. The room should also be well ventilated.

Prepare the Table

If possible, the table should be disassembled. Removing the legs and any other pieces will make the rest of the process much easier. Each piece should then be wiped with a rag to remove any dust or debris.

Remove the Old Finish

You will now need some chemical stripper to remove the old finish. When using stripper, be sure to choose the correct kind for your project as well as follow the directions on the label. It is best to wear gloves when working with these chemicals. Apply a coat of the chemical stripper to the table and wait for it to loosen the finish. The label on the stripper should tell you how long to wait. Once it is ready, remove the old finish using a putty knife and some steel wool. The putty knife will remove most of the finish, while the steel wool will allow you to take care of tough spots and any crevices in the table. The chemical stripper should then be removed. This can usually be done with a rag and some mineral spirits. The table can then be sanded smooth. Any nicks in the table can be filled in with wood filler and sanded to match the rest of the table. Wipe the table with a damp rag and wait for it to dry.

Applying the Stain

When refinishing a wooden table, you will most likely want to use a stain. Stains allow you to make the table the color you want as well as giving the wood a uniform appearance. After choosing a stain that you like and that works with your table, be sure to read the manufacturer’s directions. Most stains are applied using a rag or brush. The stain should be applied with the grain of the wood. The stain will darken the longer it is left on the wood. Wipe off any excess stain with a clean rag and allow the coat to dry. If the color is not as dark as you would like, apply another coat.

Applying the Finish

The most common type of finish is polyurethane because it is durable as well as easy to use. Apply the finish with the grain using a brush. Apply a thin coat and allow it to dry. Lightly sand the table before applying another coat. In most cases it is best to apply three coats of finish. If you would like to apply a finishing wax after the final coat is dry, apply the wax and wait for it to dry. Once the wax has dried, it can be buffed with a soft cloth. You may now reassemble and enjoy your refinished table.

These steps will allow you to refinish your table without having to hire a professional. A refinished table can have the appearance of a new table without the cost. This is a great way to maintain this type of furniture.

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