Nothing is more frustrating to a gardener then weeds overtaking their entire garden. Weeds can instantly make a beautiful and well maintained garden look as though it was just infected with a mess of a plant. If left uncared for, the weeds will quickly destroy all of the vegetables, herbs, or flowers in a plot and have all of the soil infested with deep roots of these pesky plants. Once weeds pop up in a garden, they can multiply almost overnight, so quick action must be taken to prevent a garden from being overtaken. There are a number of ways that this nuisance of a plant can be destroyed with minimal effort from the gardener.

The first and most common course of action that homeowners will take when they find weeds in their garden is to destroy them with a weed killer found at any store that sells outdoor supplies. The second and more environmentally friendly choice is to create a homemade remedy that will kill the weeds on contact. Lastly, a person can use mulch to suffocate the weeds and it can also be a highly effective way to prevent them from appearing in the first place.

Commercial weed killer is found at all home improvement or department stores that feature a garden section. There are many different brands aimed at both commonly found weeds and specific species as wells, so it is important that the homeowner chooses the one which will be most efficient for their problem. Many of these commercial weed killers work very quickly so they are often the best choice for somebody who wants to rid their yard from weeds right away. While commercially bought solutions are often very effective and give results right away, they may be destructive if plants are located nearby.

The solution may kill any vegetables, herbs, or flowers that are planted nearby, and there is no much a gardener can do to avoid this if they are situated closely to each other. Along with it being destructive to other plants in the garden, commercial weed killers are often very poisonous and can be fatal if ingested by children or animals.

Creating a solution at home with a handful of household ingredients is a much safer way to eliminate weeds. A solution can be created by combining salt, vinegar, and dish detergent together. These simple ingredients are then mixed and sprayed over the weeds right away. Using this homemade solution instead of what is found at gardening stores is much safer to use around animals and children. Along with it being much safer than its commercial counterpart, it is also much more affordable.

The last way to eliminate any weeds in a garden is to utilize mulch. Packing down mulch between driveway cracks or over weeds in a garden will smother the plant and cause it to die. Along with it being able to destroy weeds, it doesn’t have any negative side effects and is very affordable. Mulch that is placed around areas that are often targets for weeds can also be used as a preventive measure. As long as the mulch is packed in tight, it is almost impossible for weeds to sprout underneath it.

Once weeds have begun growing in garden, sidewalk, or lawn, they can quickly overrun the entire area. Weeds grow quickly and need to be destroyed upon first sight. Commercially bought solutions are often the most popular because it is very simple for a person to run to the store and have the problem eliminated immediately. Using alternative ways to kill weeds such as packing mulch over the affected areas or creating a homemade solution out of household ingredients are a much greener way to get the job done without spending a lot of money.

Finding a way to remove weeds that is both safe to use around children, pets, and the other crops will ensure that the weeds are taken care of without any negative side effects. Tackling the problem right away with a solution that is safe, affordable, and quick is the best way to keep a garden or lawn looking great and free of any pesky weeds that try to take over.


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