Growing your own apple tree can be a valuable and rewarding experience. Fresh apples off your own apple tree can also save you money. Planting an apple tree is easy and will only take one afternoon to complete. With proper care, your little sapling will provide you many years of delicious fruit.

Planting Your Apple Tree From Seed

Before planting an apple tree from seed, you will need to prepare a sunny spot in your yard. The best time to plant an apple tree from seed is after the last frost in early spring. Once you find the perfect spot, you should dig up an area of the ground about a foot in diameter. Next, till the top two inches of soil until it is soft. You will be planting your seed in the middle here, and will need to place it one inch below the soil. Lightly water your seed daily until it sprouts. Once the leaves begin to show, you can begin watering every other day. When the sapling reaches 12 inches in height, stake the tree for added strength. Regular watering should continue for the first year to establish a strong root system for the tree.

Planting An Apple Tree As A Sapling

A young apple tree, also known as a sapling, can be planted at any time of year, but early spring to mid summer is the best time. You will need to find a spot in your yard where the sun shines regularly. Care should be taken to ensure the spot you pick does not have any utility lines underneath it. If you are unsure of where your underground utility lines are located, place a call into your local utility companies. They will mark any spots where their lines run in your yard. Next, clear any debris that may be in the way. Saplings typically come in 5 or 10 gallon pots. You will need to dig a hole big enough for the tree’s root ball to fit in completely. Use the pot the tree comes in for an accurate measurement. Once you have dug a deep enough hole, carefully remove the tree from the pot. Slightly loosen the dirt around the roots before planting the tree. After planting, it is a good idea to mulch the area around the tree. This will protect the roots and prevent weeds from growing around it. You will need to water the newly planted tree daily for one month. For the first year of growth your tree will require regular weekly watering.

Caring For Your Apple Tree

Your tree will continue to grow over the years. Annual fertilizing can help your tree grow faster and stronger. In early spring, your apple tree will be adorned with beautiful blossoms. Within five years, apples will appear after the blooms. You will enjoy harvesting these apples for many years to come.

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