If you’ve ever run over a skunk or been sprayed by one, you know how awful the stench is, and how difficult it is to remove. There are a number of different techniques used to eliminate skunk odor, but the most effective ones generally involve heaving cleaning. The following steps will greatly reduce skunk odor.

Wash Everything!

This includes any clothing, vehicles, pets, your own body and anything else exposed to skunk smell. It is important to wash affected surfaces as soon as possible, to ensure complete removal of the skunk odor. Throw sprayed clothing in the washing machine and use plenty of laundry detergent. You may have to wash your clothing multiple times, depending on how much time passed between being sprayed and throwing the clothes in the wash. If clothing still smells like skunk after several washings, it will need to be taken in to the dry cleaner. Pets and humans should use plenty of soap and shampoo and rinse off multiple times. After your bath or shower, avoid touching anything you don’t want smelling like skunk.

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

The most effective way to get the skunk stench off outdoor furniture is to wash with bleach. To create a cleaning solution, mix one part bleach with nine parts water. This will work on most outdoor furniture, patios, decks and doors, but it may cause surfaces to fade. Use color-safe bleach to avoid ruining nicer outdoor furniture.

Cleaning the Carpet

To get the smell of skunk out of the carpet, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and vacuum the area thoroughly. Baking soda also is great for getting the skunk odor out of indoor furniture. Simply sprinkle a quarter cup of baking soda on the furniture and rub it in. After using baking soda to remove the stench from the carpet and indoor furniture, you may want to spray the room with an air freshener or odor eliminator. These products will help to absorb some of the odor and cover up the stench.

Commercial Skunk Sprays and Professional Smell Removal

In most cases, a quick and thorough cleaning is all you need to get rid of the smell of skunk. But skunk odor can be obnoxiously persistent. If you’ve tried the methods described above and had limited success, you may want to invest in a cleaning spray made specifically for eliminating skunk odor. If you can’t get the skunk stench off of your pets, try taking them into to the vet for stronger treatments. In the worst cases you may simply have to hire a professional to remove skunk stench from your clothing, pets, cars and furniture.


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