Moles are an extremely misunderstood animal. This tiny, dark animal that burrows underground can cause unsightly and annoying holes in your yard. However, this burrowing can be beneficial as it provides aeration to the ground. While a small amount of burrowing may not be a problem, if it the moles get out of hand, there are steps that you can take to rid your yard of them.

Ineffective Methods

Garden stores will sell many different types of poisons and traps that claim to free your yard from moles. Unfortunately for the homeowner, moles are relatively smart. They will quickly catch on that the poison is dangerous and the traps are unfamiliar, and simply avoid them. Unless you want to spread the poison around your entire yard and risk the health your family, neighbors, or family pet, it is not likely that this method will be as productive as you hope.

Another popular yet ineffective is a device that emits vibrations into the ground. The vibrations supposedly scare away the moles, but they will escape the vibrations by digging deeper or in an area right outside of the vibration zone. Their popularity stems from the idea that this is a humane method of removal, but it will not actually produce results.

Removing Food

The best way to get any animal to relocate is to remove their food source. Moles feast on grubs and worms. By reducing the amount of critters crawling around in the soil, the moles will migrate to another yard with more food to offer. One way to get rid of grubs and worms is to water your yard less. This will make the environment far less inviting, but it may jeopardize the appearance of the grass. Thankfully, if there is not enough food for even just a single mole, the entire family will move to another yard.

Mole Barrier

Mole barriers are an extremely effective method of ridding your yard of moles if your yard is on the smaller side. Garden supply stores sell hardware cloth or a type of aluminum sheeting that can be buried two or three feet underground. The moles will realize that they cannot dig any deeper and move to an area where they will have more space. The mole barrier is not an expensive supply, but the process of installing it is difficult. However, once it is installed, it requires nearly no maintenance and lasts for years.

Pungent Odors

Moles make up for their poor eyesight with a superior sense of smell. A strong scent is often an effective method to get the moles to scatter. This does not mean that you or your family will have to learn to deal with the unpleasant. Plant chocolate lilies or “skunk lilies” around your yard. Garlic is another odorous plant that deters moles from settling in your yard. Scatter them throughout a large yard, or create a “fence” of the aromatic plants to keep moles away.

Used Cat Litter and Human Hair

If you have access to used cat litter or human hair, you are in luck. Moles despise the scent and texture of both of these products. Pouring either of them into the mole runs and hills will quickly have them looking for a new home. Make sure to continue filling the holes with the litter and hair for a few weeks after it appears the moles have left to ensure they are gone. They may head next door for a few days before returning to your yard to scope out the damage. After they have seen several times that your yard is no longer appealing, they will leave it alone.

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