If you have a bee problem, then you will be needing a procedure for getting rid of the bees before someone you care about gets stung. This can be particularly frightening for those people, especially children, who are allergic to bee stings. In these cases, it becomes critical to remove the bees, since such individuals’ lives may actually be threatened by one or multiple bee stings. In this article, we discuss the proper means of removing pesky bees who have moved in near your home.

Contact An Area Bee Keeper

Rather than slaughtering the bees who only want to coexist with you, you should first call a bee keeper. Why would you bother with this step? Because, most bee keepers will come take away your bees for free. This proves to be the case since honey bees have dwindled in recent years to a mere three percent of their original population. In a very real sense, they have become endangered. If you ask around family, neighbors, and friends, you are likely to come across someone who knows of a bee keeper residing in the area.

Locating the Bees’ Nest

You will not be able to drive away or eliminate the bees until you are aware of where their nest is hiding. Since bees turn out to be day insects, you will find it much simpler to locate their nest if you search for it at the start of dusk when the sun begins to set. Alternatively, you might look late in the dawn, as the sun is just rising. At these times, you will distinguish the bees wings shining in the twilight, as they converge on a single point. You might even witness an entire cloud of bees swarming around a hive as they proceed in or outside.

Spraying the Bees’ Nest

When you have found the bees’ nest, and you are committed to ridding your home area of them, you will have to be prepared to kill them. The most effective means of accomplishing this lies in spraying Raid inside of their nest. You ought to do this in the late evening or at dark time. You might consider wearing a sweat suit with elastic waist bands and very thick socks, as well as wearing gloves, if you do not wish to get stung once or multiple times. For those of you who are terrified at the prospect of this spraying down the bees’ nest, you might contemplate obtaining and wearing a face mask, as well.

Repeat Spraying of the Nest

Having accomplished the critical task of spraying down the bees’ nest, one things remains. You should endeavor to return to the nest the next night to spray it down a second time. Then, you will want to follow up your procedures by checking on the nest at dusk or dawn to determine if any bees are still coming out of or going inside the nest. If you do not see any bees, then the odds are overwhelming that you killed or drove them all off.

Getting Rid of the Bees’ Nest

Now that the bees are dead and gone, you need to remove the bees’ nest itself. The reason that this is important lies in the fact that perhaps another group of bees will take over and move in to the former nest once the Raid effects have worn off. Yet again, we recommend dressing in the sweat suits one last time in case you are wrong about the extinct group of bees. Knock down their nest. If this is an in-ground nest, be certain to fill in the hole where you found it in the first place. Should the nest lie inside your house’s siding, then you might need to contact a professional in order to get it taken out.


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