Bed Bugs can be a terrible thing to have in your bed. They are very small insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals, including humans and pets. Adult bed bugs are very small (about a quarter of an inch in length) and hide in dark places so to see one you would need to purposely be looking for one. Their bites can end-up being extremely irritating, and even become infected if you scratch or pick at the area too much.

If you do indeed have them – or suspect you may have them, it is very important to deal with them right away. Let the problem go too long and you will open yourself – and your bed, up to an infestation. This in-turn will make it more complicated to get rid of them.

There are numerous ways to go about dealing with the treatment of bed bugs. The best way is to get rid of them naturally, as it is best to stay away from harmful pesticides and other products that may damage you and your belongings. If you do indeed suspect bed bugs, you are going to have to also inspect your other belongings around the infested area. This includes but is not limited to chairs, couches, carpet, closet, etc. Being thorough is the only way to ensure you get rid of them all. Once this is done, you can then start to naturally get rid of the bed bugs.

First and foremost you are going to want to strip you bedding off the bed and wash it all in extremely hot water. Anything else that can be washed needs to be washed with hot water as well. Items such as stuffed animals, soft toys or other un-washable items should be stored away and sealed-up tightly in plastic bags for a few weeks. This will act as a suffocating process and in time kill the bed bugs.

Once you have started – or finished the first step, it is time for you to vacuum everything, and we mean everything. Leave nothing untouched. You will want to vacuum the bed, the carpet, other upholstery, bed frame, drapes, floorboards, etc. Anything that was in the vicinity of the original infestation needs to be thoroughly vacuumed. Use the crevice tool on your vacuum for certain areas to ensure you covered everything.

The first two steps will not kill all of the bed bugs. It will kill the live ones, but not the larvae. To finish-up the process, you need to apply some sort of all-natural pesticide to the infested and surrounding areas. This is where many people get lost regarding the “all-natural” way to get rid of bed bugs. Most people want to avoid harmful pesticides, reasons being that pesticides are too harmful to them, as well as to the surrounding areas. Contact with most pesticides will cause skin irritation, rash and other harmful side effects. Basically you will be going from one skin irritation to another.

One of the best natural products on the market for killing bed bugs is something called “Bed Bug Patrol.” Bed Bug Patrol guarantees that the product kills 100% of bed bugs naturally. It is 100% pesticide free and will not harm you or anything around you. To get their product you can visit their site, Bed Bug.

Bed bugs are harmful, annoying and itchy. They pop up in all sorts of dark and dingy places and once they have established a residence they can be very hard to get rid of. Following the simple steps above – using an all-natural product, will ensure that you get rid of those pesky bed bugs once and for all.

*If you become infected, or break the skin of your bed bug bites, then it is important you get yourself to the Doctor for skin treatment.


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