Do you dread folding a fitted sheet? Does it end up more wrinkled than the sheet came out of the dryer? Well in that case read on and learn how to fold a perfect sheet every time, in under five minutes.

1. Remove the warm sheet promptly from the dryer. For best results on a cotton sheet, do not over dry the sheet. A dryer setting of low or delicate is recommended to avoid shrinking your fitted sheet.
2. Fold fitted sheets near a table or bed. Any large, flat surface will do.
3. Put your hand in the top two corners of the sheet.
4. Fold the sheet in half, lining up the top two corners. Put your right hand in the right top corner of the sheet, and fold in the top two corners to the same size triangle.
5. Lay the sheet out on the flat surface and smooth it out.
6. Fold the bottom two corners the same size as the top two corners. For a perfect looking end product, make sure that each of the four sides are folded in the same amount and the sheet it smooth.
6. Fold the sheet in half length-wise again to make a narrow rectangle. You should end up with the sheet folded into a long and narrow strip.
7. Take the long strip and fold it into thirds and then fold in thirds again if you have a King or Cal King size fitted sheet. Fold the sheet in half and half again if you have a Queen, Full or Twin sheet set. This guideline is not absolute. Think ahead to what else is in your linen closet and fold the sheet to roughly the same size as your other linens.
8. The sheet should now be an even, small square similar to what it looked like when it was new purchased and taken out of the packaging (minus the cardboard piece of course).
9. Smooth the top of the sheet and place it in the linen closet.

Now that you have a perfectly folded and fitted sheet, here are some tips on storage. The size of your linen closet is important to consider when folding your fitted sheet as well as shelf-size. You may want to fold your sheet smaller if the shelves are narrow and in a larger square if the shelf is wide. How many items do you need to fit onto the shelf or in the closet? Visually, a linen closet is most appealing if all items are folded to a similar size. Different items should have their own distinct space. For example, towels should be folded the same size and arranged in neat stacks by full-size bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths.

Some prefer to store fitted sheets in a set. For example, the fitted sheet would be first, and then the flat sheet folded to the same size square stacked on top, then the pillow cases at the top of the pile. Since the fitted sheet has the most folds is becomes the heaviest and should always be at the bottom of the stack to prevent the other items from becoming wrinkled. Many people do not purchase sheets in sets today, they prefer to mix and match styles. If this is the case, arrange your linen closet to have a stack of fitted sheets, folded sheets and pillowcases. Again, make sure each stack is consistent in size and neatly arranged.

If you have beds requiring different size sheets give each size of sheet its own stack and put the sheets you will use most on the shelves that are the most accessible. If you have out of season sheets, for example flannel sheets you know will not be used in the summer months, it is a good idea to store those on a higher or lower shelf until they are in season again.

Using scented sachets in your linen closet is a pros tip for storing them away. For example a lavender-scented or cotton-scented sachet is a great treat when your crisp, scented sheets are placed on the bed. Pamper yourself and enjoy a good night’s sleep on a wrinkle-free fitted sheet!

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