Wells have been used for thousands of years by habitants of the land to obtain water from underground water sources. Excavations would be made in the ground and then the water would be brought to the surface via pumps or by hand with the use of buckets and ropes. Many wells can be identified across the nation with a variance in depth to the water below, the amount of water found within the source and the purity of the water found. Purification is essential with well water for the water has not been softened and will usually contain the elements and minerals found in natural water. Below are some different options available when it comes to the formation and drilling of water well.

Zoning laws for your community and state need to be verified before any digging is to begin. A documented step by step procedure needs to be presented to the building and grounds committee of your local township to verify if a well can be built on your property or the property of a local business.

If the process is put through and you are given the go ahead to commence drilling, then you will begin to focus your attention on the well drilling itself. The best process for well drilling in local and rural areas is known as driven point well system. A driven point well system is basically a well system with a number of perforated pipes made of metal containing hardened points at one end. A pipe is hammered down into the ground and another pipe connected at the other end and hammered down into that. All pipes are pushed into the ground accordingly until the pipes have reached the water source. The water is then obtained from the location through a hand pump or an automated pump. Wells of this nature are extremely suitable for locations that tend to have a softer consistency on the ground, whether it is soil or sand.

Another option to consider is renting or purchasing a drilling kit suitable for drilling wells. These kits, known as micro drillers, are basically the same concept as normal drilling machines found on the great oceans of the world drilling for oil. The process consists of an engine turning a bit into the ground that is connected to PVC pipe upon PVC pipe. Along the sides of the pipe, lubricant is filled and packed around the hole to solidify and stabilize in order to prevent and slides and cracks that would damage the track of the pipes. This process is normally used for businesses when a deeper depth is needed to obtain water from a source within the Earth.

The last option to consider would be to obtain the proper tools from a local hardware store and proceed with the process yourself. With the right modifications, you have the ability to build a drill capable of drilling a hole deep enough to lower a few feet of PVC pipe down into a water source. This type of drilling is not viewed as necessarily needing permissions from the state and city for it is a private property drill. The only reason you would second guess yourself and working with the city would be for any lines on your property that you may cut into during the process. It is always best, in the opinion of most, to work with officials of your township when taking on a project of this nature.

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