When the water in your hot tub develops a fair amount of scum, algae, dirt, debris, or residue, it’s time to drain the water and clean your hot tub. Long periods of time without changing the water can damage the pumps and even cause health issues. As the water evaporates, adding new water a little bit at a time can increase the amount of time needed between changing the water, but this is only a temporary solution. Many people drain their pools before the winter months come. This is especially so for people who have their hot tubs installed outside.

Depending on where you live, you may very well keep your hot tub full all year long. Even so, a part of maintaining your hot tub is periodically draining and filling it up with new water. Different models have different ways of doing this. Most hot tubs have a built in drain at or near the bottom for easy disposal of dirty water. If so, there is typically a spigot attached to the pipes underneath, and turning the handle all the way to the left will open the drain up. If your hot tub has no drain, use a siphon and a hose to empty the water.

These can be found at swimming pool, spa, and recreational stores, and also at the outdoor recreation department at your favorite department store. Before doing this, you can add a chemical flush to the water and turn on the jets to break up the residue left in the old water. After the water has been drained, take a wet sponge to the sides and bottom of the hot tub to clean away whatever gunk and residue is left. Use sponges or towels to soak up any water that is left at the bottom. If you plan on leaving the hot tub empty for the winter or a prolonged period of time, you should put the cover on to protect it. For those who have an all wood exterior on their spas or hot tubs, they should not be left empty for long. Otherwise, the wood may crack, especially during cold weather.

Before filling again, be sure to close the drain again. If your spa filter needs cleaning, now is a good time to do this. If you use hard chlorine tablets, put in the appropriate amount before filling the water again. After you’ve filled it, turn on the jets in order to circulate the water and get it pumping through the filter to be chlorinated. This should be done for three to four hours to get a good amount of chlorination and the proper ph balance. If this puts a strain on the electrical capacity of your breakers, you can break up this time to avoid a short.

Consult the manual that came with your hot tub for all the proper care, cleaning, and maintenance procedures to ensure the life of your spa or hot tub. The kind of water you use may also affect the quality and durability of your hot tub, filter, and motor. Well water contains certain contaminants that can damage the jets over time. It is better to use city water in most cases. Find out what’s in the water where you live before filling your spa. Talk to your public works department for more information. To save on your water bill, run your jets a little bit each day. This keeps scum and residue from forming in your water. Clean the water regularly, and practice good hygiene before entering. All of these tips will provide years of enjoyment from your hot tub.

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