Eggs over easy have long been a favorite of young couples, families, and starving college students. The primary reasons? Eggs are low cost, preparation is simple, and cooking time is short – not to mention they taste great! This how-to guide will give you a deliciously inexpensive way to enjoy a breakfast classic.


2 large grade-A eggs (preferably fresh)
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
A pinch of salt and pepper


1. To begin, heat a small non-stick skillet over low heat until hot.

2. Add the tablespoon of butter. Using the handle, shift the butter around in the pan to achieve maximum dispersion. Wait for the butter to stop foaming before proceeding to seep 3.

3. Carefully crack the eggs on the side of your skillet. Split the shells gently, and allow their contents to spill into the pan. Lift the handle about 1 inch so the eggs pool in the side of the pan.

4. Hold the pan at the angle for about 30 seconds, or until the egg whites start to solidify. Give the pan a little shake at the end to ensure that the eggs have not stuck to the pan.

5. Let the pan down and season the eggs with salt and pepper. Wait another 30 seconds for the egg whites to become opaque.

6. This step is tricky: flipping the eggs. Using the handle, lift the skillet a foot above the flame. Jiggle the pan to ensure that the eggs have not stuck to the skillet. If the eggs slide easily, push the pan forward while simultaneously snapping the pan up. If you have done this correctly, the eggs will flip into the air and somersault. Quickly lift the pan to meet the eggs in the air – this guarantees the smoothest landing for the eggs.

NOTE: The obvious objective of step six is to flip the eggs without breaking the yolk. If you do, however, don’t worry. While the presentation of the eggs may not be as beautiful, the taste will remain the same!

7. If you managed to flip the eggs successfully, count to 10. This allows the yolk time to cook on top. After this brief frying, flip the eggs again.

8. At this point the eggs are done. Carry the skillet over your plate and slide the eggs over using a fork or a spatula. If there is enough lubrication left from your butter, they may slide off without the assistance of a utensil.

Voila! Perfect eggs over easy. If you wish, you may choose to season the final product with additional salt, pepper, or hot sauce. Combined with toast and a tall glass of orange juice, this classic dish will always satisfy any breakfast craving.

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