Having a clogged toilet is very frustrating, and it is certain to happen to you at least once in your lifetime, and if it hasn’t, you’re lucky. The good news is that this problem is a pretty common household problem and it is a simple enough task that there will be no need to call in a plumber. You can easily fix this simple problem yourself. Here are some simple strategies to get your toilet unclogged and working properly again.

Flush the toilet only once

I can’t stress this point enough. When your toilet gets clogged, your first reaction to fix the problem may be to flush the toilet again, don’t do that. This will only cause more water to fill into the toilet bowl and possibly making the toilet overflow. Now you will have another problem of flooding. In case flooding can’t be helped, you can help to keep things cleaner by placing old newspaper or old towels on the floor around the toilet to catch the overflowing water. You will want to also wear rubber gloves to keep things more sanitary.

The hot water method

Since a gallon of water weighs roughly 8 pounds, pouring hot water into an empty clogged toilet is an excellent alternative method to plunging a clogged toilet. Pouring hot water can help weigh down or erode the clog away with its extra weight. You will want to turn off the water supply to the toilet and make sure the toilet is empty of water before pouring the hot water into the toilet bowl. Make the hot water about the temperature of hot tea water, but not boiling. Pour the water into the toilet bowl and let it stand for a few minutes. If that doesn’t work, then you can resort to plunging the toilet to unclog it.

Use a plunger for stubborn clogs

Another option to unclog a toilet is to use a plunger, and using a plunger with a funnel cup is a good choice. Before using this option, make sure that there isn’t an object in the toilet (a child’s toy perhaps) that is causing the clog. If this is the case you will want to skip the plunging option, use another option. You will want to use the right type of plunger, so make sure you have a plunger that will seal around the hole in the toilet to ensure that the pressure will go down the drain and not up into the air. Make sure you have a heavy-duty plunger that has a fold out rubber flange on the end so it will properly seal over the hole, or a ball shaped type plunger. Make sure there is enough water in the toilet bowl to submerge the plunger because you need water pressure to unclog the toilet, not air. Give a few pushes to the plunger and that should be enough to unclog the toilet. If it doesn’t, fill the toilet with more water to submerge the plunger and repeat.

Use a closet auger if plunging doesn’t work

When a clog is really stubborn, you can use a closet auger. This tool has a long shaft that has a bend to it on the end. To use this tool you will insert the end with the bend into the toilet so it rests inside the drain opening in the toilet. While holding the shaft of the tool, you will crank the handle in a clockwise motion. This will feed the closet auger into the toilet to loosen the clog. When you feel pressure at the closet auger’s tip, you will need to withdraw the closet auger by cranking it in the opposite counter-clockwise motion. This should eliminate the clog and get your toilet working properly again.

Using these simple steps to unclog your toilet is easy and quick, and no need to call in a plumber.


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