Plasma TVs, owned by millions of people, seem to attract dust and show fingerprints and smudges more than older TV sets. These marks and dust can impair the picture quality of your TV. Your plasma TV can be expensive and have a beautiful, bright, and realistic picture quality; therefore, regularly cleaning your plasma TV screen is imperative. Cleaning a plasma TV is quick and easy.

Getting Started:

Always turn off the plasma display before cleaning your TV, as plasma TVs tend to generate more heat than LCD TVs. Some manufactures recommend turning off your TV for cleaning, so always check the user manual before beginning the cleaning process.

What to Avoid:

Many types of cleaning solutions can actually damage the screen of your plasma TV. Cleaning products that contain ammonia, alcohol, or bleach can damage the coating on the plasma TV screen, causing it to become permanently cloudy in appearance or ruin the lighting of the TV. This means no Windex Paper products such as paper towels, tissues, or toilet paper are too abrasive and can scratch the delicate screen.


Wipe the screen with a soft, clean cloth, such as microfiber clothes used to clean glasses. Wiping the screen using a gentle, circular motion will remove dust and remove most smudges and fingerprints that have accumulated on the plasma TV screen. Dusting regularly with a soft cleaning cloth can also reduce the amount of dust on the screen and improve picture quality.

To get rid of stubborn spots, you can use a small amount of cleaning solution. Keep in mind of consult the user manual because some manufactures, like Pioneer, state not to use any liquid on their plasma TV screens. Spray a very small amount of water or gentle cleaning solution on the cleaning cloth, not the screen. Wipe clean with a soft cloth, making sure you dry evenly so that no streaks or watermarks are left. Excess liquid on the plasma screen can cause damage, so make sure the screen is completely dry.

Many retail stores sell plasma TV cleaning kits. These kits contain a soft cloth and a gentle cleaning solution. These are specially made for many kinds of plasma TVs and help to reduce dust accumulation, static electricity, and remove spots and fingerprints.

Extra Tips:

It is best to try not to touch your plasma TV screen. The oils on your fingertips can attract dust and dirt, further causing your screen to become dirty.

Try mounting your plasma TV on the wall or placing it on a high TV stand where children and guests will not be able to easily touch the screen.

When cleaning your plasma TV screen, try not to use too much pressure as this can damage the screen. Gently wipe the screen using circular motions for best results.

You should clean your TV screen once a month or more, depending on the amount of dust and fingerprints on the screen. Regularly cleaning will help to quicken the cleaning process and reduce the amount of dirt and grim that has accumulated on the screen.

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