Cleaning a bathroom may seem to be an overwhelming task. However, when one is organized, has the proper supplies, and cleans in a logical, efficient manner, the bathroom can be sparkling in no time at all.

The best way to clean a bathroom is to start at the top and work your way down. Begin at the ceiling and upper walls. Dust the ceiling and walls with an extended duster. Move on to the window treatments and dust (or remove and launder if necessary)them as well.

Once you have cleaned everything above eye level, it is time to begin cleaning the windows and mirrors. Using a crumpled up piece of newspaper and window cleaner, clean the mirror(s) and window(s) in a circular pattern. There may streaks initially, but keep wiping and they will disappear.

While you have the window cleaner at the ready, clean the sink and bathtub/shower faucets (if they are made of chrome or stainless steel). After several wipes, they should be sparkling as well.

Be sure to dust all cabinets and towel racks as well as any other furniture in the room.

Now turn your attention to the sink. Using a rag and disinfecting solution, scrub the sink and counter tops. For grime in smaller places (such as along the faucet base and counter top edges), use an old toothbrush and bleach solution.

Next, move on to the toilet. Using a powerful toilet bowl cleaner, squirt the inside of the bowl. Scrub firmly and thoroughly with a toilet brush both under the lip of the bowl and the entire bowl itself. Leave the cleaner in the bowl for further sanitizing. If the bowl is especially dirty, add some bleach and leave for an hour or so.

Next, with a sanitizing solution, spray the rest of the toilet and with a rag, briskly scrub down the remainder of the toilet. Be sure to use a solution that disinfects.

The shower/tub needs to be sprayed with the disinfecting solution as well. Starting at the top of the shower, scrub with a shower brush all the tile, paying special attention to any grout areas that are dingy or moldy. If necessary, after you are finished cleaning the shower, spray a leave-on solution on the tile to prevent future mold. Once the tiles are clean and shiny, look to the bathtub itself. Using a soft-scrub bleach solution (or an abrasive powder, depending on the tub’s material), scrub the tub and ledges with the shower brush. Once you are finished, rinse thoroughly.

Empty the trashcans.

The last area to be tackled is the bathroom floor. Many products are available to use on floor, including many new mops that have throw away pads. You can use one of these, or simply wash the floor by hand with a floor cleaner and rag. Either way, the floor needs to be fully scrubbed, especially the area behind and in front of the toilet.
Daily maintenance keeps your bathroom sparkling, and a full deep clean is needed less frequently.

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