When choosing the perfect vacuum for your home, there are a few key factors to think about. Does anyone in the home have asthma? Does someone in the home have long hair that would be caught in the vacuum? Do you want a bag or bag less model? Would you need attachments for such tasks as vacuuming stairs or hard-wood floors? Many varieties of vacuums are available and choosing the right one for the needs of your household seems almost impossible.
Going to a store in search of a vacuum can be overwhelming to the amateur shopper and these tips will lead you in the right direction. Start by figuring out what the basic needs of your household are. Would you need a vacuum for both carpet and wood floors? A vacuum with attachments and deep pile suction would suite you best. If there is hair that could get tangled in the revolvers, choose a vacuum that has the metal brush revolver over a plastic one. Metal versions, however, are much heavier to lug around.

Having a person in the home with asthma, a bag less version with air-tight suction is suitable and most stores have floor models where you can test the features of it before you get it home. To test the air-tightness of the vacuum, try it out for a few minutes in the store and see if there is a large or small accumulation of dust collected on the vacuum.

If you will be needing attachments, make sure that assembly isn’t a hassle to get on and off. Also that they fit well together, while also remaining airtight while the vacuum is in operation. Maybe you need a vacuum that isn’t going to hurt your back or strain your arms, so checking to make sure the model you choose won’t have you bending over or raising your arm up high. Attachments aren’t always needed, so basic floor vacuums can suffice in most situations.

Check to see how often you would need to have parts replaced, such as the motors, revolvers, hoses, bags, filters, or power switches. If the power switch is on the base and will need your foot to operate, test to make sure it will be sturdy enough for long-term use. If it is on the handle, make sure it is able to turn on and off with ease.

Vacuums come in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as the canister and the upright models. These two do not handle the same way and depending on what your needs are, you should research the two and choose the model that suite the needs you have for it. Also, would you prefer a cordless model versus using a cord model? For extended use, a cord model may be a better fit, though if vacuuming a large area could be a hassle plugging up to different sockets as you move along.

Pet hair a problem? There are even models made that will cut down on the hair looming in your carpets and upholstery. This will also be helpful for those individuals with allergies to pet dander as well.

These sites are helpful in making a choice that you will be happy with versus making a suction blunder and having to return your new vacuum. Scope them out then get on your way to cleaner air in your home.

Allergy Buyers Club

Vacuum Cleaners Guide At Ebay

While on your search, don’t allow hyped advertisements to cloud judgment when you are looking for something specific. Set your aim on what you need and don’t be fooled into buying something that wouldn’t benefit your homes needs. Buy what will be more useful versus buying a model that doesn’t do the task you need completed. Pricey isn’t always the best way to go. Ask friends and family what works best for them and see if that’s helpful in your decision as well.

On your way now vacuum shopper, let the suction begin!

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