Digital revolution has not only influenced technology but also the lifestyle and standards of individuals. Owning an SUV, premium laptop, android phone and an LCD TV have become very common in many households. It is okay to want one of the latest LCD TVs but it is essential to know how to buy one which meets your needs.

What is an LCD TV?

An LCD TV is one of the latest innovations of a technology, which uses a Liquid Crystal Display to present images. It has a flatpanel, which can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table. LCD TVs with VGA inputs can also be used as computer monitors.

Purchasing an LCD TV

The market is flooded with brands of LCD TVs with looks and styles that could easily hypnotize you. Even the sales clerks at the stores can get you to purchase these products by bragging of their features. The question is, how will you know which is the best for you?

Important aspects of an LCD TV

There are a few specifications, which determine the quality of an LCD TV. The color sharpness and inbuilt devices should be high quality. A high definition TV usually has a resolution of 1024×768 whereas the ones with a screen size of more than 30 inches have a resolution of 1366×758. The second most important aspect to check for is the viewing angle. You can enjoy clear images from any angle on LCD TVs that have wider viewing angles.

How to Choose the Best LCD TV?

1. Sit down and decide on a budget and decide what you want in your LCD TV. Also, figure out the room and the spot where you wish to install the LCD TV.

2. It is not enough to just visualize the size and features of an LCD TV. To have a better idea of how it looks and works, visit your nearest store and look at various sizes of LCD TVs to decide which one you like the most.

3. Collect some information about specific brands and their features. Also, try comparing their prices and the warranty period they offer. Check if they have service centers nearby.

4. If you intend to purchase an LCD TV for purposes other than regular viewing then go in for a standard definition television. If you plan to have it mounted on the wall of your living room, go in for a High Definition set that has a built in satellite box to receive signals.

5. Some LCD TVs available in the market consist of additional features such as a memory card slot and expandable memory. If you are a movie buff or a music lover, you can watch DVDs and video clippings from your camera or camcorders just by connecting the devices to the TV. High Definition TVs have a film mode feature, which prevents jerky and serrated movements of the pictures. You can also look out for the zoom feature, which will enable you to enlarge the size of the picture on your set.

6. Check out for the reviews on the internet of the brand you intend to purchase. Expert columns offer you a detailed outlook of the product and recommendations based on the sales experience and proficiency of the product. If you find complaints and negative remarks about any specific brand, try to avoid it even if its price is competitive.

7. Check if the TV is HD ready or Full HD. Though there is not much distinction, the picture quality does make a difference. Full HD has a screen resolution of 1080P whereas an HD ready TV has a resolution of 720P or so. If you plan to purchase a Full HD LCD TV, make sure you have all the supporting components such as HDMI cables, HDTV tuner, Blu-ray DVD player and HD cable box. Check if the LCD TV you plan to buy has any of these components built in.

Keeping all these aspects in mind you will make a wise purchase that will not only benefit you but also help you to become the envy of your neighbors.

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