A patio cover is not only a beautiful addition to a home, but it is also something that serves a variety of functions. It can create a retreat from the harsh rays of the sun and can help lower cooling bills by shading the side of your house. While there are a number of companies that will build patio covers, the DIY homeowner can build his own for a fraction of the cost. Today, I am going to show you how to build a patio cover that will serve your needs and save you a little cash in the process.

To start this project, you are going to need a few simple materials. These include:

A post base
Concrete anchors
Nail gun
1-1/2″ inch drill bit
Framing square
Roof shingles
Roof decking
Roof tarp
Metal screen
Tar paper
Tape measure

You are also going to need a variety of boards which include:

One-by-six boards
Four-by-four boards
Two-by-six boards
Two-by-twelve boards

Step One:

The first thing that you need to do before you begin is to figure out the pitch of your roof. You are going to want the patio cover to match this pitch. You are also going to have to figure out what size you are going to need to cover the length of the area that you want to cover.

Step Two:

Secure your post base to the concrete using the concrete anchors.

Step Three:

Attach the four-by-four posts to the base using the nail gun.

Step Four:

Set your support beam using the two-by-twelve boards. Attach this onto the roof-line.

Step Five:

Follow the pitch of the roof and cut the appropriate tails and rafters. Set the rafters in place, placing a block between the rafter tails. On every third rafter drill three one and a half inch diameter holes.

Step Six:

Measure out the metal screening and staple it to the blocks that you previously drilled, on the inside of the block. Install the roof decking.

Step Seven:

Attach flashing to where the patio cover comes in contact with the roof-line. After you have completed installing the flashing, lay down the tarp paper on the roof leaving a six inch overhang. Overlap six inches on either side.

Step Eight:

Install shingles, making sure that you overlap them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Attach sheathing to the underside of the roof to complete it. Use the one-by-six boards to wrap the post base. Make sure that they are wrapped close to the base.

And that completes this project on building a patio cover. Below you will find some videos that will show you some other great ideas for your patio cover build.

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