One of the most popular American desserts is cheesecake, which has over 100 recipes and is also made and served in several countries. The history of cheesecakes appears to date back to as early as 776 BC. This delectable sweet treat is often served at a variety of occasions and holiday celebrations, such as formal or informal gatherings and by many top restaurants. Two types of cheesecakes are usually prepared – the baked or no-bake kinds. Cheesecakes are often made with different flavors, with strawberry and chocolate mousse being two of the most widely prepared types.

This easy to make dessert may be baked or unbaked and the baking of cheesecake may be done with or without using a water bath. However, one of the difficulties often experienced when baking cheesecake in a water bath is the leaking of water into the cake, which can turn out to be a disaster. However, you may just bake the cheesecake in the oven without having to worry about any leakages. Knowing and understanding how to bake cheesecakes without using water baths is useful in making the perfect, tasty dessert.

Basic Ingredients

The main ingredients for baking a cheesecake, which is a type of custard, include cream cheese and other types of cheeses, sugar, eggs and a crust made of sugar cookies, graham crackers orOreo cookies, brownies, nuts, ginger snaps or cake mix and fresh or sour cream.

Purpose of a Water Bath When Baking Cheesecake

The main purpose of using a water bath when baking cheesecakes is to regulate the temperature. This allows for an even distribution of the temperature throughout the baking process, which may cut the possibility of cracks on the top and sinking of the cake. However, only cakes that contain starches such as flour, cornstarch or potato starch will need to be baked at a very low temperature or in a water bath.

How to Bake a Cheesecake without a Water Bath

To bake a cheesecake without a water bath, you should use the following steps:

  • Take out and measure your ingredients and leave them at room temperature.
  • If your cheesecake requires that you use flour or other types of starches, you may bake it at a low temperature without needing a water bath. This will give the cheesecake a smoother, creamier, firmer and a denser and drier texture.
  • Set oven temperature low to about 300 to 325 degrees Fahrenheit to allow for a slow baking.
  • Prepare baking pans by greasing the bottom and sides generously. Recommended types of baking pan may include spring form or silicone pan or ramekins.
  • Measure ingredients and beat batter of sugar, cheese and eggs just enough so that lumps are mixed out properly and to avoid over-beating.
  • Pour batter into prepared pan and place pan in the middle of the center oven rack.
  • Bake cheesecake until the middle of the cake is slightly wobbly.
  • Remove the cake from the oven to decrease the risk of over-baking. Remember that baking times may vary depending on the type of oven.
  • Place cooled cheesecake in freezer for about an hour and then cover with cling and heavy-duty foil wraps.
  • Leave cheesecake in freezer until ready for use. Do not freeze over 30 days to keep up freshness and quality.
  • Serve cheesecake chilled and enjoy!

How to Prevent Surface Cracks

Extreme high or cold temperatures may lead to cracks on the top of your cheesecake. However, by using flour or cornstarch in your cheesecake batter, you may reduce this risk as well as be able to skip using the water bath procedure to bake the cake. Other factors such as over-beating the batter or over baking the cake may also lead to cracks. If cracks appear on your cheesecake, you may use whipped cream and other types of decorations to hide them.

Being able to make a creamy and delicious tasting cheesecake may be easier if you know the keys to baking this rich dessert without using a water bath. Since you may bake a tasty and properly cooked cheesecake without using a water bath, you may now bake your dessert without having to fear that water may leak into the cake.


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