Corn on the cob is a delicacy enjoyed by everyone, everywhere. The delicacy is enjoyed in many different forms. You can grill, boil, steam, or microwave corn on the cob for great flavor. In any case, many people enjoy corn on the cob because it is easy to fix, and there is not much hassle before, during, or after cooking. The amount of work that goes into fixing your corn on the cob will depend solely on whether you purchase shucked corn. Shucked corn is the corn on the cob that is still encased. You can purchase corn on the cob that has been shucked; however, when the corn is still encased by the husks that is a guarantee of freshness. You are guaranteed high quality, but you will need to add a little more work in the preparation.

To shuck your corn on the cob you will need to grab the top of the ear of corn. Take one of the sides of the ear of corn from the top, and pull the husk down in a quick, downward motion. Repeat this motion with each side of the corn. There will probably be extra husk and silk stuck to the corn, so try to remove as much as you can. If there is still silk or husk stuck to the corn after you have shucked it dry, then try blasting the corn with some water and using a gentle brush to remove the remaining silk. Now, you should have silk-free corn.

Regardless of what kind of corn you purchase, you should always wash your corn. Clean corn can make all of the difference in the world for the end result. However, another tip that will add better flavor to your corn is that you need to make sure that you pick a pot that is big enough for your corn to boil individually. A large pot that can comfortably hold a few ear of corn with room to spare is a great tool. In this way, all of your corn will boil with the same approximate time, and you will not get tough ears of corn. You should also salt your water prior to dropping the ears of corn. The more work you put in before the corn is done, the better the overall flavor. Allow the salt to dissolve in the water.

To properly boil your corn on the cob you will need to put the large pot on the stove, and crank the heat to the hottest setting. Depending on the number of corn on the cob you are fixing, you will need to add water. Fill the pot half full for three ear of corn, and add two cups of water for every ear more than three. Boil the corn on the cobs. The amount of time that the corn will take depends on how you like your corn on the cob. If you like it a little tough, then three to five minutes should suffice. However, if you like it softer, then no more than ten minutes should be good enough.

When you pull your corn off the heat, drain the pot. Then, pull your corn out and salt and pepper it down. You can use a variety of different seasonings depending on how you enjoy your corn on the cob. You can spread butter over the corn on the cob, or you can use hot sauce. If you choose to grill or steam your corn on the cob, follow the same general practices as boiling. You may need some practice to fix the perfect corn on the cob, but do not give up because it will be worth it in the end.

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