Garage floor parking mats are an easy way to improve your home. They can help protect your garage’s concrete floor, make your garage a safer place for you and your family, keep the garage looking tidy and neat, and allow you to customize the look of your garage according to your personal sense of creativity and style.

The most common reason people buy garage parking mats is to protect the concrete floor of their garage. Motor oil can leak beneath a parked car and cause unsightly and sometimes permanent staining. Salt is one of concrete’s worst enemies. In cold climates, cars commonly shed salty road slush onto garage floors. This salty mixture actually eats away at the concrete beneath, eventually causing the concrete to form pits and fissures. These pits not only look unattractive but can shorten the life expectancy of your garage floor as well. Many people also choose to store highly corrosive materials in their garages. If some of these chemicals were to spill upon the concrete garage floor, the concrete could be stained or otherwise damaged. A parking mat in such a garage would have saved the concrete from harm.

Car parking mats also help to make a garage safer. Most garage mats are made of heavy-duty, non-skid materials. They can be very helpful in wet or slippery conditions. If children play inside the garage, a parking mat can be a good way to soften the floor and keep it clean. For those people who have cars or motorcycles they like to repair and restore as a hobby, the cushioning of the parking mat allows one to stand and work longer before getting fatigued. In fact, the law requires companies whose employees must stand for long periods of time (as grocery store cashiers do, for one example) to provide anti-fatigue mats which are quite similar to some garage floor mats. These anti-fatigue mats help prevent fallen arches, leg pains, and varicose veins.

Parking mats also help guide you in parking correctly; with a mat in place, you will be better able to see where to properly park your vehicle. Another advantage is that parking mats keep a garage looking tidy and clean. Debris can either be swept off the mats or sprayed off with a water hose. A garage with a parking mat on its floor looks well cared-for and gives the impression that every aspect of the house matters to its owner. They make a good impression when it comes time to sell a home, and at other times as well.

Finally, a clean park garage floor mat allows a homeowner to express their individual sense of creativity and style. You can find parking mats to suit almost any taste. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Some mats have a flat texture; others have raised bumps or “coin” designs. Some look like interlocking tiles. If you have a special hobby or interest, chances are good that you will be able to find a garage floor parking mat that will complement it. Some mats come with logos or even team mascots printed on them. Some motorcycle enthusiasts choose orange-and-black parking mats to reflect the colors of their favorite motorcycle manufacturer.

Parking mats for your garage are usually made of rubber, vinyl, heavy-duty nylon, or a durable plastic. They typically come in a large roll, like an area rug, and are easy to install yourself. Simply measure the area where you would like to place the garage floor mat. Some mats are meant to provide enough coverage for one or two cars, or you can choose to cover the entire garage floor with protective mats. Some parking mats are offered in standardized sizes, while others can be custom-made to suit your exact specifications. Once you have determined what size of garage floor mat you need, you are ready to choose the material and color of your mat. Keep in mind that thicker mats are typically more costly but also more durable. Custom mats may cost more, and the price for a parking mat will largely depend on how many square feet you need it to cover. Once you’ve received your garage mat, simply unroll the mat where you wish it to be placed. It is then ready for immediate use.

Prices for parking mats vary widely. They can cost as little as $50 or $60 for basic models that go beneath one car, or they can cost upwards of $200 for better models. Some custom-sized garage mats can cost over $500 for full coverage of larger garages, but they provide a great, uniform look because of how well they fit the space. Regardless of whether you choose to spend a lot or a little on parking mats, even a basic garage floor mat is better than leaving the concrete bare and unprotected.

Whether you want to protect your concrete, to provide a safer surface to walk upon, or just to help your garage look its very best, garage floor mats are a great addition to any home. They are an affordable way to add value to a house, and they can last for many years.

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