Carpet and upholstery cleaning can improve the look and feel of your floor and upholstery. Stains can easily be removed, smells can be diminished.Carpet and upholstery cleaning may also be necassary if your home has sustained water damage. Only a carpet cleaner can remove all of the water from deep inside the carpet and fabrics once it has been submerged in water. When you are ready to have your carpets and upholstery cleaned, there are several ways to do it.

The first choice is to call in the pros. A professional carpet cleaning service can clean all of the carpet and upholstery in your home for one set price. The price can fluctuate based on your area and the company you choose. You should always choose a reputible company to do the work. Technicians should be trained in their job and professional. Services average around $100 for 4 rooms. When using a professional service you know the job is going to be done right. Look for a company that stands behind their work with a warranty or gurantee. The company should also be licensed. Calling in a professional can save you time from doing it yourself, and there’s no worry of buying the wrong products, tools, and attachements to clean the areas you need to clean. After your first cleaning the company may offer discounted rates for your next cleanings. How many times per year will you need to utilize this service? How much money will this add up to in a year? Are the discounts great enough to make a difference?

Second, you can rent a cleaner. Chances are you have seen the ads reading “Rent Me” plastered across carpet shampoo machines and cleaners in a store near you. Carpet and upholstery cleaners are rented out in 24 hour increments. There are far more cons of renting a machine than pros. The first con is that it is not cheap. In addition to the price of the rental(around $30 per night), you must still purchase cleaners to go with it. These cleaners cost almost as much as the machine rental! Sometimes tools and accessories also cost an additional amount. You also have to load and unload the machine into your car, and spend several hours cleaning the items. You must also make sure that it is back on time to avoid being charged for another full day. Is it really worth saving a few dollars?

Your third option is to purchase your own carpet and upholstery cleaner. There are many models of carpet cleaners available. You’ll want to look for one with attachments for upholstery cleaning. You can find these machines at mass retailers, vacuum shops, and on line. Prices can start as low as $150 and go as much as $800 or more. A good quality machine can be purchased on the low end of the spectrum and work great. While any type of cleaner can be beneficial, a heated model can more effectively get that deep down dirt invisible to the naked eye. Although owning your own cleaning machine requires you to take the time to do it yourself, it can save you hundreds of dollars per year versus renting a machine or calling in a company. It will also require you to purchase cleaning solutions and products, as well as cleaning of the machine, however these usually are cheaper than those solutions when renting a cleaner.

No matter which option you prefer, carpet and upholstery cleaning can improve the look and feel of your home. It is amazing how much dirt, debris, pet hair, dander, and other pollutants a carpet and upholstery cleaner can remove from your home. Your carpet will be the color it once was, and the couch and chairs will look new again. Carpet and upholstery cleaning is one of the best things you can do for your home.

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