How to Fix a Recliner?

The recliner is indeed a comfortable place to relax. However, if the need arises, one should know how to fix your much-beloved recliner. First, determine whether your repair involves a wooden recliner or wrought iron. Before you begin the restoration remember, if you begin careless, the repair will grow to include a number of additional problems. If your recliner is wood, a must is a loaded tool box.

Your new “fix a recliner” kit must contain a number of essential tools:

• Screwdriver
• Good Quality Glue or Adhesive
• Clamp
• Wrench – Adjustable is Preferred
• Hammer

The tool box must also include nails, nuts and other small size recliner fixation accessories. Do not forget a couple of mortises for the fixation of different joints of the recliner. You are now read to fix your recliner!

Different Repairing Procedures

• Basic Repair Process
• Tighten Loose Flat Screw and Nuts
• Adjust Chair Handles
• Re-Upholster Sagging Cushions
• Check the Four Stands for Sturdiness

One of the first steps to fixing a recliner is to tighten the loose flat screws and nuts found in the different joints of the recliner. The handles of the chair must be well adjusted. If the handle bars are defective and not properly adjusted, you will need replacements. Upholster accessories must be durable and in good condition. The four stands of the recliner must now be checked for sturdiness. If you see that the backside of the chair is not flexible, but too tight, loosen the screws.

The cushion must be soft so that your recliner offers excellent coziness. If your recliner is old and heavy, a restore may give it a lighter look and feel which is needed to modernize it. A quick trip to the home improvement store will provide much information on how to fix an old fashioned recliner. If you are a complete novice, ask for help from a skilled carpenter. They are sure to know how to help fix your favorite sitting spot.

If the recliner needing repair is a Lazy Boy, check the warranty period. They offer a handsome warranty, and in many instances your entire repair is covered! No need to buy tools, materials and spend your valuable weekends mending a broken arm rest. If you are unsure as to what warranty you carry for your recliner, Lazy Boy or not, a quick online search will either show what warranty you have or whom to call.

One last piece of preparatory advice: prior to starting your furniture renovation work, check your tool box and ensure you are well-stocked with screws of all different sizes and shapes. Lastly, after repairing your chair, take a seat! You must sit on the cushion and move around in different angles to determine whether your recliner is indeed repaired. If the recliner is built with swivels or there are glides under the four stands of the chair, you will need to check whether they are properly adjusted.


Author: Allan

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11 thoughts on “How to Fix a Recliner?”

  1. Hi Chris,
      We will be creating a forum soon, so that you can post those pictures publicly and ask our community for some advice. Cheers.

    1. Se72748, in most cases this would be caused by a missing rivet or loosened bolt.  Or it could be due to a sprung spring.  Flip the chair over, and check out it’s mechanism.  Recliners usually have a scissor-like type of mechanism that makes them raise up into a sitting position or lay back in a reclining position.  Tightening any loose bolts or replacing any missing rivets should fix the problem.

    1. Spo Gross, what brand and model of recliner do you have? Perhaps the owner’s manual has a graphic schematic for the chair and its various parts which could help you to figure out how the left arm attaches to the recliner.

  2. I have a problem. Underneath the recliner, the back wood that holds the spring from across the seating area broke. How do I fix the broken wood that’s attached to the springs ?

  3. lane recliner 2005… it wont spin left to right when sitting in it, upside down it does work, other wise the metal structure digs into the wood platform, any clue… I appreciate it!!

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