Skunks can be found almost everywhere. They live along lakes and streams, in wooded areas and in open land along forests. Many people fear a skunk because of its ability to spray, yet they are also know to carry rabies which can seriously endanger your health. Skunks are nocturnal animals so you are most at danger during the evening and night hours, yet this can be a major problem if you are camping or enjoying an evening out in your backyard. They are many ways to repel skunks; you will need to find one that works for your situation.

No Feeding the Skunks

Garbage cans and compost piles are notorious for attracting skunks to a residence. A snug fitting lid is necessary to keep odors in and critters out. They will eat anything include bird eggs and human waste, but certain foods are more enticing than others. Grubs live underneath lawns and are a preferred food of skunks. If you see small holes throughout your yard, it may be that skunks are digging for this treat. Beneficial nematodes are insect predators that can repel skunks and eliminate a host of other pests as well. Bring pet food indoors at night and remove all fruits which have fallen to the ground. This will remove the skunk’s food source and most likely the skunk.

Skunk Barriers

Skunks make homes in a number of places such as under houses and sheds. Yet, although this is disturbing to the home owner, this is easily remedied and you can send the skunk looking for a new home in no time at all. Block any open holes that you see. Skunks can squeeze into an opening that is only four inches across so cover the hole completely. Skunks won’t waste their time burrowing under a barrier unless that know there is open space when they come up. You will want to fill in ditches and holes also. If you have a large space install chicken wire, just be sure to bury it at least a foot deep so the skunk cannot burrow underneath. Make sure you do not trap the skunk when closing off an area or the smell he emits will remind you for an extended period of time.


You may also use bright lights to repel skunks. As nocturnal animals, they like to prowl in the dark. Just note this may attract other unwanted visitors, such as insects. You will need to decide which is the lesser of two evils.

Calling In Outside Help

If you have been unable to rid your property of skunks, you may need to call in a professional. Your local humane society or animal control department may be able to provide you with traps that will capture the animal without killing him. You will need to place food inside the trap and, once the animal walks in to get the food, the door will close effectively trapping him. Once the animal is trapped, call the humane society or animal control department again so they can safely remove the trap with the animal inside. This is not something you want to do on your own as you may be bitten or sprayed. Professionals know how to avoid this.

Although skunks are usually not aggressive animals, it is always best to repel them and remove them if they do show up. This ensures your family does not get sprayed or bitten. If you already have a skunk bite, seek medical attention immediately. You need to know if the skunk was rabid. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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