Laminate floors prove to be imminently durable. Although they are designed for areas of a high amounts of foot traffic, they do require occasional repair. Sometimes a whole board will have to be replaced completely, and more frequently a tiny scratch will need to be fixed. This article covers the step by step directions for repairing your Laminate flooring.

Items and Materials Which You Will Require for this Project:

– A Laminate flooring repair kit
– A screwdriver
– A hammer
– Laminate Flooring

Repairing Scratches on Your Laminate Floor

It is moderately easy to make these types of repairs to your Laminate flooring. To begin with fixing up a minor scratch that you find in your Laminate flooring, you will have to acquire a laminate flooring repair kit. These can be easily located and purchased from the majority of local hardware stores. Be certain to carry along a sample piece of your flooring in question. You will need this critically in order to match the colors correctly. Once you have the repair kit in hand, all that you have to do is to follow the directions which are printed on the package itself.

Replacing Laminate Flooring Boards

When you have decided that what is in order is a replacement of an area of the laminate flooring, then you will have to first take up the molding around the floorboard. Use a hammer or a screwdriver in order to loosen this up. It is important that you do not accidentally harm the molding. This will have to be put back when you are finished with the floor board replacement job.

Take up all laminate floor boards which are adjacent to and leading up to the board which is being replaced. This is not so difficult, since similar to a jigsaw puzzle, each of these simply clicks into position. After you have taken up the board in question, then all that you have to do is to click your new board into its position. Follow the above stop in reverse, putting back down and locking into place each of the boards which led up towards the molding with which you began. To put the molding back where it belongs, you simply use a hammer and pound it back to where it belongs.

Fixing up Buckling or Peaking Laminate Flooring

If you need to repair a part of your laminate flooring which is “peaking,” then you will have to reduce the boards’ tensions. The reason for this rise, or peak, is because of an increase in tension around the walls. Because of weather, or simply age, the flooring itself has expanded. Finally, there is no longer any place for the floor boards to expand.

Start by taking out the molding which encompasses the laminate flooring. Utilize a screwdriver or hammer to accomplish this. Remember to save the molding for use following the repair job, and not to accidentally damage it when you take it up. Take out the spacers which were placed in the original installation of the laminate floor. These offer necessary support between the first laminate board and the wall.

Put in some tinier spacers. Now gingerly push down on the peak. It should go away, but if it does not, then allow the flooring to settle on its own. It will expand sooner or later. Remember to put back the molding when you are done. Use the hammer to pound it back in to its original position. The opposite procedure may be used if you find a gap has appeared between the boards themselves, causing a buckling effect. Simply put in larger spacers along the wall to fix this problem.


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