For all of the readers who are lovers of books and collect them with a passion, you will no doubt wish to have better looking and functioning bookshelves. Putting up bookshelves on a wall is a nice looking idea when considering new bookshelves. In going with these, you have a few choices. You might opt to construct a box style type of book shelf and mount it up against the wall. Alternatively, you could create a bookshelf which possesses no apparent support, offering a classic and cleaner cut look. This article covers the step by step directions for building a bookshelf on a wall.

Materials and Items Necessary for the Project:

– Screws
– Wood
– Caulk and Caulking Gun
– Wood Glue
– Stain
– Paint and Paint Brushes
– Molding

The good news for those who have decided to tackle this project themselves is that this is only a moderately difficult project. The first thing that you will have to do is to determine how large you want your final book shelf product to be. For those of you who are novices at wood working, we recommend working in full numbers. To build a basic shelf, you will need to utilize two sections of wood which have been cut down to four feet of length and two feet of width.

Constructing the Bookshelf on the Wall

To these two four by two foot piece of wood, you will add two more end pieces which are two feet on all sides. Utilize both screws and glue to securely attach them to each other. Next, you will cut down a piece of plywood and attach it on to the frame. Use screws for this task. You ought to screw through the back of the wood. In this way, the screws themselves will not show to the casual observer. For the wall mount, all that you have to do is to screw them through the back into wall studs to put up a basic wall mounted bookshelf.

At this point, all that remains is to decorate the shelf. You can do this in one or more of a couple of different ways. You might embellish your shelf by staining it, or painting it. Alternatively, you could utilize crown molding to give it a more elegant appearance.

Suspended Wall Shelving

Construct a box which is hollow. You may build it as long and wide as you wish. Utilize both screws and glue in order to fasten it securely together. Next you will affix a particular length of a board, which has been cut down to fit into the hollow part of the box which you just built. Screw these pieces into the wall studs, but at an angle. No one will see this, so it will not matter how it looks now.

Now, place the box over the wood which is affixed on to the wall stud. Screw them snugly into place, but from the bottom. You will need to countersink the screws. They should then be filled in using wood putty.

Once the putty has dried, you are able to stain the shelf, or alternatively to touch it up with paint. Now you are capable of enhancing the look of the wall mounted bookshelf using dental molding or crown molding. You could also route the edges to achieve a more embellished appearance.

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