One of the most frequently consumed foods in the world is bacon.  Bacon is a staple in the American breakfast and is also frequently included in several different types of sandwiches and salads.  While bacon is most frequently fried or grilled on a stove top skillet, this is not the best way to prepare bacon.  With a skillet, bacon will curl up, dry out, and is much more prone to burning.  To prevent this, and allow the bacon to retain its flavor, baking bacon in the oven is a great option.

The first step in baking bacon is to prepare it for the oven.  This step will require you to gather a baking sheet, some baking grease or parchment paper, and potentially some seasoning.  If you are using grease, be sure to spread on a thick coat of it across the baking sheet.  If you use butter, the excess butter will add to the flavor of the bacon.  Then lay the strips of bacon down evenly across the baking sheet.  While you don’t want the strips of bacon touching each other, there does not need to be too much space between each strip as the pieces of bacon will shrink in the oven.  Prior to placing the bacon in the oven, you will want to season the bacon as desired.  Adding a little extra salt and pepper can give the bacon some nice additional flavoring.

Prior to placing the bacon in the oven, be sure the oven is properly pre-heated.  Your oven should be set for somewhere between 400 and 425 degrees.  The amount of time that the bacon should spend in the oven depends heavily on how thick the bacon is.  Thick slices of bacon will need to up to 20 minutes in the oven while thin slices of bacon may only need 10 minutes.  Also, if you are substituting pork bacon with turkey or soy, the cooking times may fluctuate.

While the bacon is baking in the oven, be sure to check on its status every few minutes or so.  The actual level of how cooked the bacon needs to be prior to it being complete depends significantly on the preference of the preparer.  If you want your bacon well done, it will need to be in the oven a few minutes longer than bacon that is less crispy

When the bacon is finally finished baking, be sure to take the bacon out of the oven immediately.  Allow the bacon to cool off for a few minutes before serving.

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