Although any artistic activity requiring a creative spark can be daunting at first, with a few quick and easy to learn guidelines you can learn how to professionally arrange roses whether you have much or any artistic ability at all. Don’t let dire warnings from some traditional florists about the science of arrangements deter you—rose arranging can be a fun activity for anyone to participate in, even if you have no background in floristry.


To start with, prepare the vase or bubble, or whatever container you are going to use to hold your arrangement. Fill it up to about two-thirds to three-fourths full with fresh water, from the tap is fine. You want the water ready in the container ahead of time to prevent air from getting into the stems of your roses as much as possible. Remember, a submerged rose is a happy rose!


Most rose arrangements use some kind of greens as a filler starting point, a delightful contrast to bring out the beauty of your roses, and a tactful way to hold them in place. You may use different types and shades of greens to add to your arrangement. Make sure the greens are cut at an appropriate height, and arrange them in a bunch with the stems facing in all directions, then drop them into the vase. Be sure you have enough greens to accomplish their primary purpose of holding the roses in place, but not too many which can cost extra money unnecessarily.

Rose Prep

Next, prepare your roses to be inserted into the mix. Start by removing all thorns at their bases so they don’t catch on the greens. It is also recommended to remove any leaves on the stems that would sit under the water level in your vase. Leaves under water may cause the growth of bacteria, which would shorten the lifespan of your rose arrangement.

First Layer

Choose the tallest rose in your bunch and snip off a tiny bit from the end of the stem. A tip on cutting stems is that the best cut is a diagonal cut, and this must always be done under water. The less exposure your fresh cut stem has to the open air, the longer the rose will last.
Place this tall rose in the center of your arrangement, amongst the greens.

Second Layer

Choose 4 or 5 of your next tallest roses and prepare the stem ends similarly. Make sure that they are all relatively the same height, and that the top of these flowers reach to just below the bottom of your tallest rosebud. Arrange them in a circular design around your primary rose. It is okay if they don’t stay exactly where you placed them, a little movement is fine. Just make sure that they are basically the same distance from each other.

Third Layer

Gather the rest of your roses and snip the stems so that these buds come up to the bottom of your second layer of flowers. Remember to do this under water, and at a diagonal angle. Place them in your arrangement evenly, making sure that there are no holes.

You can stand back from your arrangement a bit to make sure the flowers are placed evenly. If you spot a hole, try moving a nearby rose a little to the right or left to cover it.

Post-Arrangement Care

Be sure to leave your beautiful arrangement in a cool location, as there it is less likely to wither than in a warmer place. Check the water in your vase frequently and change it when it begins to look cloudy and old.

You did it! Enjoy your beautiful rose arrangement!

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