The cost of building a garage varies depending on a number of reasons. For instance, are you planning on building the garage by yourself? This would drastically cut costs due to the fact that almost half of the price of having it built would be labor. To build a single car garage with no windows would cost somewhere around $3,000 – $4,000. However you always have the option of purchasing a kit that contains the entire supply of necessary materials pre-cut and ready to use. The average cost for this type of kit is around $5,000 – $14,000.

The second way to build a garage is by hiring a contractor. However, this is the more costly way to go because, as stated above, included in your cost is the labor put in by the builders. To have a contractor build a basic single car garage of around 240 square feet, falls somewhere within the price range of $8,400 – $10,800. For a two car garage that is around 380 square feet, the price is more around $13,300 – $17,100. These contractor prices end up being around $35 – $45 per square foot.

If cost is not object and you are looking for your dream garage then this may be the choice for you. A comfortably spaced, two car garage with a work area, sufficient lighting, proper ventilation and attic storage averages out around 800 – 850 square feet with a price tag of $29,000 – $38,000.

All of the above estimated prices may vary depending on the quality of materials used in construction. If you choose to upgrade the quality of materials from the most basic to the next level up you are looking at an extra $55 per square foot of $13,200 for a single car garage and $21,000 for a two car garage and $47,000 more for your dream garage.

When deciding to build a garage it is always important to plan ahead. What services do you want your garage to provide you with? How many vehicles do you wants to house in it? Do you want or need any extra space for other types of vehicles or machinery or would you like to have a work area? Where do you want to place your garage? Is there enough space for what you want to do?

For any large structure that you are building you are required by law to obtain a building permit from your local courthouse. The cost of the building permit also needs to be considered as part of this process. For most projects this cost depends on the cost amount agreed upon with the builder, around 5-7% is average. However, this amount is ultimately set by each state individually.

Each building permit application takes approximately 1 – 2 weeks to be processes but remains active for six months after it has been issued. The building permit itself stays active for up to two years and must remain current up through the final inspection stage and is also subject to the first inspection that must occur with in six months of the permits issued date. If the building has not been completed but the inspector is satisfied with how the construction is progressing while staying within the lines of the approved plans, they are approved to extend the building permit for 1 more year.

To get an accurate estimate it is best to stop at your local building inspector’s office and look for information. While we are on the subject of building inspection, this is another added expense. Any new building must be inspected at the completion of every stage of the construction. For each inspection the cost can be as low as $270. There are at least 9 stages that must be completed thus taking the average inspection costs to $2,430.

Moral of the story is, there are many items that make up the cost of a garage and each one makes the prices go up and up. Research is the best thing that you can do to shrink the price tag and you have chosen a great place to start.


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