How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Kitchen?

There is nothing like a clean, fresh smelling home that’s satisfying to most people. It’s good to take pride in where you live, and it’s also a good thing when a home is kept up and maintained properly. Two important places that should always be in good condition is the bathroom, and the kitchen, but what happens when there’s a problem like ants in your kitchen? What should be done to get rid of them? The first thing to do is check where the ants are coming from, and how are they getting into the kitchen. Make sure that absolutely everything in the kitchen is wiped down and it’s sealed properly, afterall, ants are attracted to food naturally, especially sweets. After wiping down the counters and shelves, and if the ants are still there, then it’s time to find a way to get rid of the ants from the kitchen. The good thing about getting rid of them is that there are several solutions available that can keep ants at bay. For the environmentally conscious, there are also ways that don’t involve chemicals or toxins. If there are no concerns about using chemical sprays to kill ants, then using a good spray like Raid, or Hotshot will quickly and easily do the trick. Clear off everything from the counters and the shelves that are to be sprayed, and make sure that they’re wiped down. Then apply the spray to the affected areas and wait. Once the ants are dead, then remove them from the kitchen, and once again, clean the areas thoroughly to remove all traces of the spray since it is a chemical. Afterwards, place everything back in the the shelves and on the counters, then you’re done. If using chemicals makes you feel uncomfortable, then there are several, natural alternatives out there at your disposal.

One popular option would be the use of used coffee grounds. If you’re a coffee drinker like the majority of us, then this should be a snap. After brewing the coffee, use the grounds in the pathway of the ants and just wait a couple of days for it to take effect. For some reason, ants seem to dislike the grounds (maybe it’s the smell), and they usually avoid wherever it’s at. If you’re one of the few that don’t indulge in coffee, you can call up, or visit your local coffeeshop like Starbuck’s to see when they dispose of their used coffee grounds, and see if it’s possible for you to come and pick some up. If using coffee grounds isn’t your cup of tea (no pun intended) , then another natural way to get rid of ants is vinegar. Just purchase some regular distilled white vinegar from your store, if you don’t already have any, and just wipe your countertops with it. Vinegar is effective, because ants don’t like it either, and at the same time, it’s a natural surface cleaner-especially when used with baking soda. Another great way to dispose of your ant problem in the kitchen is chalk. Maybe it’s an ingredient in chalk, but ants will not cross it. This one may be a little tricky depending on what type of flooring, and countertops are in the kitchen, because it doesn’t work on all surfaces. Last, if you have exhausted all of your options, and the ants are still in the kitchen then you may have a serious problem, and would have to call an exterminator. They can do a more thorough search of your home to determine how bad it really is and use stronger chemicals that will wipe out the problem completely. Keep in mind, that’s just the last option, and more than likely , you’ll have success with what’s been previously mentioned.


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11 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Kitchen?”

  1. I have had great luck with baby powder for indoor and outdoor ant problems.  I just sprinkle it along and accross their path, and it works quickly.  I just vacuum it up after a day or 2, and the smell or resudue lasts awhile and keeps them away.

  2. i have had little black ants in my kettle twice now and in the water container of the coffer machine, they have stuffed all of them now and had to throw them out 🙁 is there a reason why thay like the water so much?

  3. I have seen a couple ants (mid to small size) each day in my kitchen. They move real slow, not sure if a prior treatment got to them. After keeping clean they ended up in a small bucket with white vinegar and water 50/50 that was used for wood floors. They either were real thursty or like the sweet punget smell of vinegar. Now a little hesitant using vinegar on floors.

    1. Kurt, you didn’t mention what type of ants you have, but there are several more great articles on how to get rid of ants on THF. We also have some great articles on how to care for wood floors. Since you’ve stated that you’re using a 50/50 mixture, I suggest that you read some of these articles, as you may be using too much vinegar in the mix. For instance, this article by Neil is a very useful guide to cleaning wood floors:

  4. using chalk and putting a circle around my dogs water and food bowl works great on keeping the ants away from his food.

  5. i have tiny ants in my kitchen, i find them on the counter and cabinets here and there. two were on my sons shirt last night while he was sitting at the kitchen counter eating! i’ve used ant traps but they still keep appearing. i don’t know where they are coming from since there isn’t a line of them or anything. i use a homemade lemon and vinegar mix to clean my counters…could that be attracting them?

  6. Ants kept coming into one INSIDE corner of my kitchen at night. After cleaning with bleach and vinegar, different times, still found ants. sprayed with a barrier ant spray where I thought they came in. then, I noticed they were 12 feet away in another spot shortly thereafter, where I had moved the balsamic vinegar. I put the vinegar back, they came back in to that spot. Now it’s in the fridge. No more ants. sprayed one more time to be sure, but I think they came after the vinegar.

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