How Much Does it Cost to Install Carpet?

There are many ways in which a homeowner can increase the value or appearance of a home. Installing new carpet can be one great way to potentially do both at the same time. Carpeting is an investment just like anything else you would put in your home, so how much of an investment are you making?

How Is Carpet Installation Priced

Carpet installation prices can vary depending on what kind of condition the floor is in and what kind of carpet you are installing. A new carpet can be installed for as little as 65 cents a square foot, or it can cost as much as 5 dollars a square foot on average depending on different factors.

How Does The Quality Of Carpet Influence The Cost Of Installation?

This man gives a very good explanation at The higher quality of carpet, the more you will pay for the installation. Specifically, a rare wool carpet could run you as much as 145 dollars a square yard, while a more traditional nylon carpet will run you about 20-40 dollars a square yard. These are just average prices for a typical installation. Other factors will come into play regarding your carpet installation. Also, beware of anyone who quotes less than that as you might not be getting the real deal.

What Extra Costs Are Associated With Carpet Installation?

According to, your cost of installation can go up depending on the shape of the room, and how much prep work you do yourself. If your room is not a perfect square, you can count on the installation costing more as more work has to be done preparing the carpet. There have to be special cuts made, more time getting the carpeting installed correctly and other work as well. It can turn a simple installation into a cost of more than $8.50 a square foot.

How Much Of The Work Can I Do Myself?

If you are really worried about saving money, you can do almost all of the prep work yourself. This includes taking out the older carpet, padding and any nails used. This work can be done safely assuming that you are wearing proper equipment. Mesh gloves or other hand protection should be used when using any type of cutting tools. Other than that, it is simply a question of whether or not you want to do the work. Having the prep work done yourself can save you the miscellaneous costs that will be charged by a professional to do the work. Other benefits to doing the work yourself include being able to clean the floor properly before installation and being able to mitigate any annoying creaks and groans that your floor might have.

Can I Install The Carpet Myself?

No. Not only does the carpeting look better when installed by a professional, but not doing it professionally can actually void your warranty. It might cost more to have a professional install the carpet, but you are doing yourself a larger disservice by trying to do it yourself. If anything were to happen to the carpet later on it would be nice to know that your warranty is going to cover you. Besides, you want your investment to really shine for you.

Final Notes

Your carpeting is a huge investment into your home. Carpeting can turn an old basement into a new playroom, or turn a drab kitchen into a comfortable living space. A thick carpet can be great if you have kids because they tend to fall a lot and who knows what else they might try, so having a soft surface can be a blessing.


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2 thoughts on “How Much Does it Cost to Install Carpet?”

  1. There are differences in the quality of the installation persons and their individual knowledge of the processes.  A  person who has 10+ years of experience will likely be better dealing with all the issues, han someone with less experience.

  2. Shemestore, I agree that there are differences in the level of quality of work, knowledge and skills among the various carpet installers.  However, I disagree that just because someone has 10+ years if experience that it makes him/her more of an expert than someone who has only done installation for a year.

    Although the person with 10+ years may have gained more experience and knowledge, (s)he may not be utilizing it properly.  Many “experts” tend to get more careless and pay less attention to small details due to doing every step by instinct or natural habit instead of with conscious thought.  If the person started out doing things incorrectly, then there’s no guarantees that (s)he isn’t still making the same mistakes 10+ years later.  Unless someone makes a conscious effort to improve, then the person’s bad habits are just re-enforced as time goes by.  Plus, if the veteran installer hasn’t kept his/her education and training updated, they may not be aware of new carpeting installation requirements or new techniques.

    In the meantime, someone just entering the field will still have all this training fresh in his or her mind and will be up-to-date on any new requirements or techniques. 

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