Perhaps no other vegetable is more popular as a side for a tasty meal than corn, and perhaps the most popular way of serving corn is right on the cob. Most often, corn on the cob is prepared in a pot of boiling water. However, a much faster and just as delicious way of preparing it is in the microwave.

Materials and Ingredients

  • Ears of corn removed from the husk
  • lime juice
  • paper towels or plastic/saran wrap

Step 1

After removing the corn from the husk, rinse it with cold water. During this time, take care to remove all remaining pieces of the husk that may still be on the corn. Once the corn is clean and smooth, it should be patted dry so no excess water remains. Once this is finished, pour a bit of lime juice on the corn and wrap it in a damp paper towel before placing it in the microwave.

Step 2

The timer on the microwave needs to be set for at least 90 seconds per cob of corn. Most ears of corn will be ready within two minutes depending on the type of microwave. Adjust the timer accordingly.

Step 3

After microwaving the corn, give it a few minutes to cool before taking it out of the microwave. After removing the corn, it can be buttered and flavored with any other spices desired.


Saran wrap produces a steamed effect on the corn, making it more tender and moist than a damp paper towel. The corn should still be in the microwave for the same period of time as it would if it were wrapped in a damp paper towel. For a different steamed effect, leave the husk on the corn, cutting off only the silk, stem, and outer dried leaves. For both steamed variations, a clean oven mitten can be used to remove the corn from the microwave to avoid burns.

Instead of lime juice, lemon juice can also be used depending on the flavor desired. Lemon juice will make the corn a bit more tart, but gives it a nice tropical effect if that is desired.

The corn can be spiced before or after the corn is cooked. Spicing the corn before it is cooked with seasoning intended for grilling gives the corn a bolder, more intense flavor. Just match the flavor with the meal the corn will be served with.

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