Rosemary makes a delightful piney flavored tea. Make a simple infusion to bring out the best flavor possible.

About Tea

The way herbal teas brew is different than traditional teas. Herbal teas take longer to brew. When the tea is done brewing the color is lighter than standard teas.

Selecting a Pot

Herbal teas have light and delicate flavors. Some pots or kettles can give a metallic flavor to tea. To ensure a pure taste of the herbs, consider boiling the water in glass or enamel pots and kettles.

Tea Pot

Prepare the tea pot by rinsing the inside of the pot with hot water. Warming the teapot prepares it for the steeping process.


Rosemarinus officinalis is a perennial shrub that grows hardy in zone 8 through 10. Rosemary has fragrant needlelike leaves with pink, white or blue flower clusters. Gather the herb by pinching the leaves off the plant.

Rosemary Herb

Place the rosemary in a tea ball, mesh ball, bamboo strainer or muslin bag inside the tea pot. Some tea drinkers bruise, tear or crush the herb before placing it in the pot. Bruising the rosemary allows the release of more plant oils giving the tea a stronger flavor.

Adding loose herb to the pot, then straining lets the most water contact all the leaves. This ensures that the most flavor from the herb. Rosemary tea has a piney scent and is very aromatic.


Start with cold water. Bring the water to the boiling point. Pour boiling water over the herb in the tea pot. Allow the herb to steep for at least five to fifteen minutes before tasting.

Alternative Infusion

Allow the tea to steep over a low heat for several hours. This produces a particularly strong infusion. Pour half a cup of the infusion, cut the strong tea with half a cup of hot water.


One Person Concentration Dried Herb
A general rule for measuring dried herbs for infusions is the simple: one teaspoon of dried leaf herb to a half cup of water.

One Person Concentration Fresh Herb
A general guideline for measuring fresh herbs for teas is the simple: one teaspoon of fresh leaf herb to one cup of water.

Concentration of Fresh Herb for Two – Five Cups
A general recipe for measuring herb in preparation of a large pot of tea for a small gathering is one teaspoon of fresh herb per person, plus one teaspoon for the pot. Add one cup of water per person.

Concentration of Fresh Herb for Forty to Forty-Five Cups
Bring one and a half quarts of cold water to a boil. Remove the water from heat. Add three-quarters of a pound of fresh herb. Stir well to immerse the leaves. Steep for five to fifteen minutes or until the tea is the desired concentration.


Place a mesh strainer or sieve over the top of a cup. Pour the infusion from the tea pot through the strainer to remove any loose herb before drinking.

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