Instant Oatmeal Packs
Instant Oatmeal Packs

Instant oatmeal packets are convenient, but often as bad for your health as they are for your wallet. These DIY oatmeal packs are easy and affordable to make, and you can alter the recipe to suit your tastes.

This recipe makes six packets.


2 cup instant oats

6 tbsp skim milk powder

6 tbsp dried blueberries

1/8 tsp salt



Combine the oats and salt in a blender, and pulse until the oats are small, but not smooth. Scoop ΒΌ of the mixture into plastic sandwich bags. Add 1 tbsp of milk powder, dried blueberries, and a dash of nutmeg to each pack.

To cook:

Combine the packet ingredients with 2/3 cup boiling water, and whisk to dissolve any lumps. Let stand a few minutes for the water to be absorbed.


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