Homemade Yogurt Drops

Homemade Yogurt Drops

Homemake yogurt drops are an easy, healthy, and refreshing snack to make for kids. But don’t let this frozen treat fool you– they’re great for all year round, not just for summer. You can use any flavor or type of yogurt, making this dessert completely customizable.


Luckily, this recipe doesn’t take very much prep work. All you will need is a cookie sheet, a plastic sandwich bag or pastry bag, scissors and yogurt! Be sure to clear out some space in your freezer too, since you’ll have to fit the tray in there.

Making the Drops

Place the cookie sheet on a flat and stable surface, like a counter or kitchen table. Place 1/2 to one cup of yogurt in the plastic bag or pastry bag, and cut a tiny bit off the corner, which will allow you to squeeze out a small amount of yogurt at a time. Gently squeeze the bag and dollop small (about the size of a dime or penny) circles of yogurt onto the cookie sheet. Once the tray is full, place it in the freezer, and you’ll have refreshing frozen yogurt drops in 1-2 hours!

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