Wood laminate floors have made flooring installation and maintenance more convenient for everyone. The best thing about this modern innovation is that one can preserve the semblance of a natural wood floor, without the hassle of taking care of one. Laminate floor is extremely easy to keep clean, as long as a few key steps are kept in mind.

First, one must remember that laminate flooring is very susceptible to damage. The wood design under the clear coating is just a few layers of paper, so the correct steps must be taken to ensure the floor remains durable and beautiful. Floor companies will relate that the best option for laminate wood is not the generic floor cleaner one can find at the supermarket. Harsh chemicals can begin to leave an unattractive film on the laminate surface.

The two most important things to remember about this type of flooring are 1) it scratches easily, and 2) it needs to be kept water-free. Water is dangerous for laminate wood floors, because in large amounts it can cause the floor to begin to separate or warp. Water spots are also easily visible on laminate floors. If a water spot is accidentally made, it should be quickly removed with a damp paper towel.

The best thing to start off with is either a dry plastic broom or light-weight vacuum. Use one of these only, since dry mops often have metal edges, which will easily scratch the floor’s laminate surface, and wet mops expose the flooring to too much moisture. Sweep or vacuum to remove any large dust bunnies or debris.

Next, dust to remove any last layer of light dirt that may be clinging to the floor. Purchase a cheap sweeper that consists of a long plastic stick with a disposable or reusable cloth at the end. Run this over the floor without applying too much pressure.

The company from which the floor was purchased may have recommended a certain brand of cleaner. However, special laminate floor cleaners can be found at home improvement or flooring stores, as well as some general supermarkets. No matter where it is purchased, it is important to make sure the cleaner says laminate safe. Once the cleaner is obtained, spray it lightly over the floor’s surface. Use the same dry cloth “mop” from before to spread the moisture of the cleaner, which should give the floor a nice ending polish.

It is almost too easy to seem true, but these simple instructions are all it takes to keep a wood laminate floor clean. Following them will guarantee the floor will remain a long lasting and satisfactory part of any home.


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