Ice cream cakes are a tasty option for birthday parties, anniversary parties, engagement parties and even dinner parties. Unfortunately, store-bought ice cream cakes can be costly, running up a bill of over $30.00 just for one portion of the dessert. If you want to save money on your ice cream cake or you have special dietary restrictions, you can make your own ice cream cake at home with a bit of preparation.

Bake the Cake

The first thing you’ll need to do is to bake a regular cake. You can use a boxed mix or your own recipe for this. (See Reference 1.) Most people choose to use a boxed cake mix since it’s the simplest, easiest way to make a cake. If you have special restrictions, such as a vegan diet or an egg allergy, you can bake a cake from scratch to modify your ingredients. Once the cake is fully baked, allow it to cool on your counter. The cake should be completely cool before you even attempt to cut it. To get the cleanest, most precise cuts, freeze the cake once its cooled for a few hours.

Prepare the Ice Cream

You’ll need to have ice cream that comes in a carton, rather than ice cream in a round container. Note that if you do decide to purchase ice cream in a container, you’ll need to thaw it in your fridge before you can use it. (See Reference 2.) A fridge is the best way to thaw your ice cream since it will still remain cold while slowly allowing the ice cream to melt. If you placed the ice cream on your counter, you would quickly have a huge puddle of sugary deliciousness. If you use a carton of ice cream, you can simply dump the carton out onto a cutting board and slice the cake with a knife or with dental floss.

Put it All Together

Cut the cake in the shape you want it to be. Most people choose to have a square or rectangle cake, while others prefer a round cake. A square is certainly the easiest shape to make. Use a knife and a cutting board to cut the cake evenly.

Place the cake on wax paper. Place the shaped ice cream on top of it. Note that if you used ice cream from a plastic container and were not able to slice the ice cream, you’ll need to use a spreader or butter knife to make sure the ice cream goes on evenly. Place another layer of cake on top.

Place the cake back in the freezer and allow all of the portions to freeze together. Once it has completely frozen, you can frost and decorate the cake as desired.

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