Anyone who’s ever been lulled to sleep on a warm summer night by the tranquil sounds of chirping crickets can attest to the relaxation this provides. The major exception however, is being rudely awakened by the incessant piercing noise of a cricket that is hiding under the bed or in the closet. More than annoying, this can be a major problem.

How to eradicate this problem in a few easy methods or steps is a matter of employing some trued and true methods. The following is a simple guideline to help counteract the annoying problem of crickets. Using this as a basic rule of thumb should be helpful at keeping these pests at bay.

An Ounce of Prevention

Crickets are notorious for crawling through cracks and openings in walls. First and foremost, be certain to fill any holes around the home’s foundation and in the walls. It seems like an obvious solution for preventative measures, but it is often overlooked.

Secondly, be sure to trim tall grass right outside the house. Typically, crickets prefer to graze in tall grassy areas. If provided, they will settle into the grass right outside an entryway, and eventually find a way inside the home. After cutting the grass, be sure to pile the clippings far away from the house, as crickets will be attracted to the debris left behind, and seek refuge in the clutter.

As with any insect, trash containing food particles and other substances will be a lure for crickets. Any trash receptacles should be tightly sealed and kept as far away from the home as possible. Also, make it a practice not to inadvertently litter, as even the tiniest of crumbs can be an attraction for bugs or rodents.

Bait Them And Trap Them

Assuming the utmost of care is done to prevent crickets from nesting in or around the home, unfortunately this may not always prove to be sufficient. As with any infestation of insects and other undesirables, there is always an option of insecticides. Of course, this might not be an option for every individual. Some people simply do not want to use harsh chemicals or poisons in or around the home. This is perfectly understandably, especially when small children and pets are present.

If using poisons and insecticides are not an option, there are other ways to deter crickets or reduce populations. There are specially formulated cricket baits that are designed to be consumed by the pest. Cricket traps will lure them with a scent and once inside they will be unable to escape. These traps are generally comprised of a sticky material. You can find these baits at better home and garden supply stores.


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