Today’s pregnant women, with their fashionable maternity wear, may not realize how their mothers had to dress when they were pregnant. To understand the indignity of mother-to-be fashions of the past, they need only research as far as the 1950s TV comedy “I Love Lucy”.

It would be easy to assume, more than fifty years on, that the tents that Lucy wore on TV were part of the comedic storyline, but that’s not so. Women were forced into the fashion wilderness as soon as their baby bump became apparent. A woman had three choices in her apparel. She could shop at a maternity store, stocked with muumuu-like garments with big lace collars and bows in sick-inducing pastels; the mom-to-be, a family member or friend could sew the clothes, or the pregnant one could wear her husband’s shirts. This didn’t make for a very fashionable or fun six months or so.

What happened to change this sad old state of affairs? It might have been the fashion revolution when T shirts went from guy’s underwear to popular and fashionable wear for either sex and most occasions. Computers have also revolutionized the printing process, and made printing graphics on textiles extremely easy.

Into this fertile field of change, fashion-wise, societally, and physically, was born another revolution in pregnant-wear: the funny maternity shirt. Pregnant women can express themselves in so many more ways today, why not on their chests and elsewhere? The sayings range from cute and friendly to rude and snarky; the pregnant one can even have a custom-printed maternity T shirt, sweatshirt, or camisole made up with her very own sentiments.

A tour around the Internet reveals the wealth of witticisms that are popular with preggos these days. Here is a bit of a “tasting tour” of funny maternity shirts.


These shirts supply the witticisms, you supply the relevant details. For example:
—- and —–’s Love Child
Knocked up by —-
Yes, I’m Pregnant. It’s a —-. It’s due in —-. No, you can’t touch my belly.


These shirts have words and pictures. Such as:
Funny picture of a dinosaur, with “Pregosaurus!”
A downward pointing arrow with your choice of legends: “Future Metalhead”, “Goth Baby”, “Say Hello to my Little Friend”
A sideways pointing finger with the legend “HE Did This to Me!”
A crown with the legend “Preggo Princess”
A stop sign with the legend “Back Away From the Belly!”
A Buddha with the legend “Rub Me For Luck”
I (heart) Pickles
A shamrock with the legend “Got Some Irish In Me, Now I’m Knocked Up”


These shirts celebrate pregnancy. For example:
“All Hail the Baby Maker”
“I Grow People, What’s Your Superpower?”
“Hot Mama”


Self Explanatory. Such as:
“The Baby Made Me Do It”
“Can You Tell Me If My Shoes Match?”
“All I Wanted Was A Back rub”
“I Miss Beer”
“The Baby Wants French Fries”
“At Least It’s Not Octuplets”


Make any day father’s day. Among the choices:
A cartoon of sperm with: “My Boys Can Swim!”
“She’s Eating for Two, I’m Drinking for Three”
“The Man Behind The Belly”
“He Shoots! He Scores!”
“Beware, the Queen is Pregnant”
“Evil Minion”


Hormones, past the due date, or just sick and tired of being pregnant. For example:
“Because I’m Pregnant, That’s Why!”
“Hormonally Heinous”
“Who Declared it Be Rude to Pregnant Women Day?”
“Yes, I’m Pregnant, Try Not to Say Anything Stupid”
…and, for the mom-to-be who has REALLY had enough: “Wow, That Was A Rude Thing To Say, Are You Related to my Mother-In-Law?” is a good website where you can order any of these funny maternity t shirts, plus more besides.They also print shirts to order. Not only would expectant parents enjoy funny maternity tee shirts regarding their miracle-in-the-making, but big brothers and sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and best friends would enjoy them as well.

They could be given as Christmas, Hanukkah, birthday, or thank-you gifts. Giving one of these to a pregnant loved one or friend who is in one of those “I’m pregnant, huge, and nobody loves me” days would be a really thoughtful gift.

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